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Updated: Aug 30, 2018

The ultimate guide on how to understand the process of manifesting your ideal life and what do you have to do to make it work for you in order to manifest your desires.

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If you are practicing various methods to manifest what you desire with no results, or if you are new to this topic, you both came to the right place. This post will explain the mechanics behind, how to take advantage of them and how to change your mindset. (#lawofattraction, #loa, #love, #happy)

Everyone wants to know the secret of the Law Of Attraction [LOA]. You have probably heard, that the LOA needs you to meditate, to picture your thought in detail and clearly, so the Universe can deliver. WRONG. Firstly, you need to understand how the universal laws work in the 3rd dimension and how it is all linked to the other higher dimensions.

The Universe or the Creation does not recognize what you want or what you don't want, but what your emotions are and what do you feel at that time. It's about the vibration, the energy, the frequency...

The Power of ignoring your reasoning mind. Focus on the subconscious mind and the gut feeling instead.

I am talking about the deepest, most honest feelings, which are sometimes hard to identify because they are happening on the subconscious level. That's why for example, smokers have the need to go for a cigaret break. They might think, they are addicted to the nicotine, or that they have something urgent to do at the same time, but what they no longer see is, that they have developed a coping mechanism for one or multiple life traumas - which is the smoking habit. The body does not need the nicotine nor the poisonous smoke, which contains over 4K chemical components. Yet, the conscious mind is telling otherwise in a cheeky way. It starts as an impulse of uncomfortable feeling which is trying to surface in order to be processed and integrated, but if we not complete the cycle and keep resisting the process, over the time we develop a coping mechanism. When we practice this behavior multiple times daily, our conscious mind disconnects from the original reason and associates it now with the coping mechanism itself. In other words, we forget about the reasoning behind our coping mechanism and we change our belief by shifting our focus to the coping mechanism itself. With years of practice, it is not easy to discover the original trauma which caused the addiction.

So what is the point I am trying to make? If you're trying to manifest your desires, one of the reasons why it is not working might be, that your conscious mind is telling something and your subconscious mind is feeling something else in the background. And because you got so good in masking the problem and ignoring it, you might be sending the wrong message to the Universe unconsciously. As I mentioned before, the thought alone about the desire isn't enough. Dive deep within to understand your habits, why are you doing them, what your beliefs are and what is the root cause of your habits. What are the triggers for those habits? You may not realize, but your negative habits can be connected to your blocks which are stopping the abundance to flow into your life.

The communication between human beings and beyond the 3rd dimension.

When you are exchanging information with another person, observe the sequence of how it happens. First, you generate feeling about the subject, then you translate the feeling or emotion to a thought which you create as a response to it. Then you take the words and generate the sounds. The other person has to work it backward in order to receive your message. First, he/she is listening to the sounds, translate it into the words, then they create thoughts about the meaning and lastly they generate the feelings about it. Are you still wondering why there's is so many misunderstanding between people? It would be much easier if one could pass the feelings to another and there wouldn't be any objections. It would be understood perfectly and even without any judging. Current communication is like "The Silent Post" game for children. You say a word on one end and on the other end comes out something completely different.

To communicate clearly to the Universe, thoughts do not matter that much. It is for you to enhance your emotions and feelings and to keep your emotions running. In order to maximize the effect of LOA, you need to be brutally honest with yourself, with your feelings and emotions. There is no lying to the subconscious mind. At the same time, be open to receive new information unconditionally, which might even change your desire because you are resisting what you meant to be. Be open to anything that unfolds. This might be another reason, why LOA didn't work for you. You are limiting the channel and rejecting other options. In this case, the message to the Universe might be "I want this, but it has to happen this way and through that person...". If your manifesting strategy involves this logic - drop it. That's direct resistance to abundance - "I don't want it unless...". Have no expectations how it's going to happen, try not to engage your reasoning mind.

Expect only the unexpected! Don't resist what is to come to surprise you.

If you allow the Universe to deliver in its own way, you will be very surprised how it's going to happen. And that's the whole purpose of it. Do focus on your emotions and feelings about your desires as if you have them NOW, at this time and space, not in the future. That is very important. Stop the unconscious resistance to the flow of the abundance by being in the state of allowing. Be an observer and stop trying to control the way it should happen, when it should happen and through whom it should happen. It's not up to you and there is no way you can control the process anyway.

Filter the noise and have a clear focus to attract what you desire - love, wealth, health...all in great abundance.

Many people are saying that you need to meditate to make LOA work and that's not true either. In fact, in my experience, all the smaller desires have manifested when I wasn't using meditation at all. It was a random feeling during the day, quickly forgotten. Sounds familiar? The meditation is simply a tool to help you calm the mind from all the noise and chatter what is going on. If you know how to calm your mind without meditation, you can manifest while swimming or playing the piano...if you are unable to clear the noise, you are sending mixed messages and emotions to the Universe with unrelated subjects because your mind is processing multiple thoughts at the same time. The purpose of the meditation is to filter the unwanted noise and to focus clearly on the emotions and feelings about the desire only.

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Be patient, understand that everything is already happening and the Universe has your back!

Another mistake many people make is giving up too early. Small desires are happening very fast, but big goals might take longer. But then again, they might not and you'll be shocked how fast the Universe can deliver. It all depends on you, what part of your journey you're at and what is your mindset. I'd say practice with small desires before you attempt the major milestones of your life. Observe your feelings and behavior when the small desires will manifest and take a note of it. Especially about your feelings and emotions. In my experience, it has to do with monetary values and beliefs. I observed, that if I express a desire about something of a low financial value, it manifests very fast. It is about the relationship we have with money and if we feel guilty about it. The higher the value, the distant it may sound and feel in our minds. I have released this block with the understanding that everything is an energy, not monetary value. It is the same effort for the Universe to manifest $1 or $1M. You will not make someone poor by becoming rich. You create the money and nobody is forced to buy your products or services. It is just an energy and people who need your P & S are attracted to it. By selling your P & S you are actually serving other people. Selling is serving/helping others.

Releasing doubts is a crucial step in working with LOA. Doubt is a negative thought (negative vibration). LOA will not work if you have doubts, because, in the beginning, you sent one positive vibration to the Universe about specific desire and shortly after you sent dozens of negative vibrations about the same thing. Perhaps even several times a day. Set the intention and don't focus on it. It's already happening for you. If you catch yourself thinking doubts, snap out of the negative emotion by asking yourself what are you manifesting. Remind yourself of the happy feelings again.

"Ah, it's not here yet, it'll never happen!"

"What am I manifesting?"

"I am manifesting financial freedom/abundance/love..." (or whatever your reason might be)

This simple approach will remind you of the positive vibrations and it will align you with your desire again.

The issue with time in the 3rd dimension.

There are more than three dimensions. Eleven or probably more. The Creation or source consciousness operates in all of them simultaneously. What you have to understand is, that time exists only up to the first three dimensions and it is subjective to each person. It is not a real thing, it's how your mind perceives it. So if you are manifesting your desire and wondering how long it is going to take, you're failing already because this keeps you in the belief, that you don't have it. The universe does not understand what do you mean by "time". It's a confusing message. It also doesn't take in what you want/don't want, but what you feel and what your emotions are. If your emotion is "I don't have it now", logically your belief is, that you don't have it and that becomes a block for the abundance. Yes, you might say - "But how can I believe that I have something if I really don't have it physically now?". The answer is to expand your consciousness by removing the time component and to understand that you have it already! Here's how it works:

When you create a desire in your mind, you already have it. You own it, it has your name on it, it is a vibration, frequency, an energy and it is all happening for you. You have it. You have it within all 11 dimensions, but the problem is, that in our third dimension, we measure everything with time. from the higher dimensions perspective, you already have it and physically are enjoying the desire, but in our reality, it hasn't materialized yet. It will, it's a complex process to send the right people your direction, the opportunities you can benefit from, etc. That's just happening in the third dimension. In the fourth dimension, there's no time. You exist as a whole experience from your life beginning till the end. You don't need to live every second of it. You see it all in one piece sort of speaking.

So you have it! It is about having the mindset which believes, that even if your desire didn't materialize yet, you have it in all other dimensions and specifically on the energy/frequential/vibrational levels. Wheels are in motion. Your desire exists the moment you create it and it's yours only! You have it. There is a saying in the Bible - "Those who have, will have more. Those who don't have will lose it all". This isn't about rich and poor people, but about the mindset. If you can come out of your logical mind and believe that you already have your desire the moment you create it, even if it hasn't materialized yet, you know the secret of LOA and how it works. If you use your logical mind to work with universal laws which are beyond our comprehension, you obviously don't believe that you have your desire and that belief becomes your block again. The moment you create the energy about your desire, it is out there and it is working with all dimensions already. And because it is an energy, it cannot disappear by itself. It's all happening for you. It can be canceled only by more negative energies (disbelieves and fears) about the same desire.

So what's important to apply to your manifesting techniques?

* The mindset with belief that you have it the moment you create your desire not in the physical form yet, but it exists in other dimensions already

* Take away the time component, be patient and know that it is all in motion and it'll materialize

* Keep your believe and don't create any negative energies which will cancel the process

Best tip for the attraction? Aim big!

If you applied all of the above with no result, another block might be with your belief about yourself. For example, if you create a financial desire for $1000, you don't believe that you deserve more, or that it'll never work, or that you are not worthy of having more. See the block? The truth is, that you can have anything! The Universe has unlimited abundance and it is your divine birthright to experience it. I am not saying ask for $100M right away, but aim big for what is realistic according to your situation, something what is believable for you and what would solve your problems in the given situation. Say $20K? $50K? Believe in yourself, you deserve everything and you don't need to do anything to deserve it - that's human conditioning, LOA doesn't work this way.

Photo by Frankie K. on Unsplash

The Energy needs to flow!

When you are manifesting, in order for the energy to come in, some other energy has to leave. Energy is flowing, it doesn't stop, only your mind does. Or is it stuck on false belief? Nothing will come to you unless you give it first. Another crucial key in manifesting. You need to make space for the new, better energy to come in. If you are manifesting money or love, it's the same principle. In order to attract money, give something away first. It doesn't need to be money itself if you don't have any, it is simply about how can you be of service to the others. Offer your services first (energy spent) and this will attract new opportunities. With manifesting love is the same. You don't just wait for it to show up, that's your condition and your belief. "I cannot be giving love unless I have my partner". That becomes a negative belief and block. There are plenty of variations of love (Family, friends, pets, nature...). Love is outward movement, not inward. You can have it the moment you give it! Start giving love today, show your support to other people, see them unconditionally, help them, help your friends, your family, rescue animal...and you will be surprised how fast the love of your life will manifest! Giving is a sign of abundance and the right mindset. "I have enough of something, I can give it away". Generosity and kindness...if you feel like not giving anything, you believe you don't have it and it will keep you in the state of lack. That's a block.

Lessons have to be learned and integrated before the cycle can be closed.

Sometimes in the journey of our life, we did not arrive at the destination we ought to be. The reason LOA doesn't work for you might be just this. You have the right mindset, you apply the right strategies, but still no results. Important lessons have to be learned and integrated first before the cycle will close, so you can move on to the higher level. That means, there is a purpose for you to be in the state of lack, so you can understand something before you can have your desire. The longer you will resist the process, the longer it will take for you to close the cycle and to move on. All you need to know is that everything is happening exactly the way it should be and you are safe. Don't see your situation as a suffering, but a journey you need to go through first in order to become what you meant to be. Take it as your teacher and be grateful for the experience. You will understand later in your life why it all happened in your life and why you had to go through the experience. You cannot understand PEACE properly if you didn't go through the war. The peace doesn't have a meaning on its own. When the time will be right and the energies will settle, you'll make a shift!

Affirmations are important!

What are the affirmations and how they work? Simply put, it helps you to re-wire your beliefs and align with the vibrational frequency of your desire. More important, it holds the vibration whenever you need to change your current mindset. If you are getting less and less patient about your desire not manifesting yet, you might start giving up and send emotions/feelings which will block the manifesting in progress. Affirmations are a great way to remind yourself that everything is happening the way it should be so you can keep the high vibration up. The more you do the affirmations the faster it should manifest in your reality.

What affirmations should you use? That is entirely up to you and the way you understand the mechanics behind your reality. The best option is to take a few examples and suggestions from other people and turn them into your own wording, the way it makes sense for you, so you believe in it. Here are few tips:

"I am grateful for all my negative experiences and I forgive everyone in general."

"It is my divine birthright to experience abundance and I don't need to do anything to deserve it."

"I remove all the conditions I have put on myself and how it should happen. I expect only the unexpected from the Universe."

"Everything is energy and everything is available to me."

"I have my skills, gifts, and talents to match all my desires and more!"

"I allow everyone to love me unconditionally. Every person has a different reason for that."

"I am a creator of my own reality and everything is available to me."

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