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Top marketing confusion points which are taking your consciousness away. Read more and accept any new information unconditionally to expand your mindfulness.

We are saying we are the smartest organism on this planet, I wonder, what other intelligent species out there would think about us. (#consciousness, #happy)

Majority of people are not aware of the global picture, because they're distracted by all the segmented realities they choose to believe in.

Let's have a look at the hypothetical situation of a human sitting on the moon joined by extraterrestrial being and how the conversation could enfold.

Extraterrestrial (ET)

- Wow, you guys have an amazing planet! So much water and the spectrum of living species, that's so rare in the universe, you cannot imagine. We've been traveling the deep space every direction and to find such a planet is extremely rare. You made it to the top of the food chain here, you are able to look outside of your home planet, you understand the bigger picture, you know how life in the vast space rare is, in fact, you are the only species on this planet knowing about this rare case. You have amazing water planet. There's no planet with so much water to our knowledge. You surely must be protectors and guardians of your home planet, right? How do you ensure the nature and life itself is protected/sustained?

Human Being (HB)

- Well, we are farming the animals for food or other useful purposes to ensure our continuity, we do not pay attention too much to the life itself, we don’t understand it much. There’s no need to protect it, it’s plentiful and we don’t need to start eating clean. Many species already vanished, but it's ok, we are closely monitoring the most useful ones to us. They don't have great conditions to thrive, but hey, if you want to keep living, you have to sacrifice something. Plus you make good profits out it.

ET - you mean spiritual enrichment?

HB - no man, financial profits. You see, we have created this amazing system, where you give value to a paper or metal coin, everybody believes it and you trade with it.

ET - even animal lives? They're priceless

HB - not here they ain't. You can sell and buy anything. Wonderful thing, it keeps everyone busy, it's a bit enslaving, true, but we're doing better than before. With smart marketing, you'd start to believe you need the item and that it is no loss to the nature, you work hard, so you can afford it...

ET - how about water, how do you manage the resources and protect the environment?

HB - water doesn't taste good man, we mix it with artificial flavors, enhancements, and stabilizers so it's attractive to buy and lasts on the shelve long time...


This can go on and on. The thing is, we have it completely wrong. The values we suppose to protect, we replace with fake values and not realizing, that this puts us in conflict with our own subconscious mind. How? A good example is a perfume. You buy one because you're convinced that it smells good and you want to stand out of the crowd, receive compliments, etc. You're not realizing it, but you only copy what you see others doing, all without having proper thought about it. Like a real monkey. It is expected of you as a good society member to act in such a way. There's no need for you to think, the marketing agencies have done that for you. And because there are so many products out there, you're thinking it's completely normal to buy a perfume or two. You even consider someone who doesn't wear perfume as something bad.

But if you give it deeper thought, you'd start to understand where am I heading. Psychologically, wearing a non-native smell suggest, that we have the need to replace or are embarrassed about our own smell. When you have a child, you love the smell of its skin. Everybody does. Why don't you like the smell of your own skin? I tell you why you started to believe in something that is expected of you to believe in. We used to use perfumes only occasionally, for dinner engagements, dates, theatres… That was all okay, it was a symbol of something special, highlighting certain importance. But the boom of brands and the pressure of the society is on you and you started to use it every day because in this chaotic world you want to feel special every day. No break for your receptors, brain, and lungs. It’s not just your personal perfume. Perfumes are everywhere 24/7. In laundry detergents, washing up liquid, cream, gel, toothpaste is just everywhere. What is the point of washing plates with perfumed liquid if you're gonna rinse it to the level that it won't smell at all? Why did we pollute the wastewater after the dishwashing with an extra chemical, which acted to please us only for a very short time between washing and rinsing? We see only the benefit of having few seconds of citrusy smell, but we don't see how long the chemicals will be acting and polluting in underground water. And we did all that consciously? After you finish washing up, you wash your hands with perfumed soap (same story again), then you dry your hands with towel which is perfumed with fabric softener, partially replacing the previous smell you wanted, then you carry on with perfumed hand cream, again, replacing chemicals with other chemicals on your skin, not talking about your own clothes and your own personal perfume on top. Psychologically, what are you trying to express here?

You really must hate yourself because you clearly declared chemical warfare to your body.

The problem is, that we are obsessed with smell. The other problem also is, that most of the sources of the perfumed chemicals in our daily lives are concentrated molecules, not a concentration, what would occur by nature. For instance, 1kg of herbs distilled and reduced to one drop of alcohol. Nature didn't do it for reason, that's why things in nature smell the way they smell. We have concentrated them and blended them with others so it can be more complex and lasts longer. Not even that, but we completely deviated from nature’s purpose and why she developed our senses in the first place.

Freshly cut apple smells nice and it’s pleasant mouth watering. Our brain responds to this smell. If you leave the apple for a while, the natural decay process will start, which will consequently change the smell of the apple. Your brain will not send mouth-watering signals then, would it? So nature’s logic is GOOD smell = GOOD for you, BAD smell = BAD for you. Now, because man-made products need to be sold, they all will have modified smell and only to “GOOD for you”, even if the product is harmful. Most people are not realizing, that the product smell is added on top of its original chemical content to please the end user. In some cases to mask or replace something else. It’s deception.

But what really happens on the molecular level?

I started to think about this when I had an encounter with a perfume, which triggered a headache in one minute. How can perfume cause headaches? I thought it was just me, having a weird day. But other 2 colleagues out of 5 had it as well. Working with people as customers, this one particular perfume occurred repetitively and every time the result was the same. A headache. I needed to get the name of the brand, so I can avoid it. Once I asked the customer what perfume she's wearing and I finally got my answer. I recognize that perfume immediately now and since then I truly started to hate it and at the same time, I started to think differently. The name was DOSON. There must be something wrong. If you work with chemicals like paints, you'll get a headache after while too. If the perfume can cause a headache in 1 minute, there must be a connection!

If we take for example grapefruit skins, which its oils can be very irritating to human soft skin, and if we macerate these skins in alcohol and distill it, we could end up with the concentration of 10 whole grapefruits in one drop. If you expose yourself to the concentrated liquid and the smell, it may be pleasant to inhale, but it may not be good for your red blood cells to carry the oxygen molecules mixed with concentrated grapefruit oil molecules and it certainly might not be beneficial for your skin after the alcohol evaporates and leaves the concentrated molecules behind. The truth is, because the perfumes are colorless, we can't see what they leave behind or what are we inhaling. If they're colorless, that doesn't mean they're not harmful, because we can't see them.

I feel sorry for people working in perfume shops. I had this discussion with friend who used to work in such an outlet and she admitted that after while working in that place every day, she had often headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, light-headed...then the symptoms were so often for her, she stopped actually wearing perfumes and started to look for more outdoor activities on fresh air, as she could smell perfumes even when she wasn't at work. There you go, how good this whole thing can be?

Imagine that each drop of perfume has 1kg of ingredients reduced in it as an example, and because it's a still molecule, you inhale it. It's mixed with oxygen, this is passed to blood cells to carry it everywhere in your body and the proof is, if the perfume is heavy when the perfume-oxygenated blood hits your brain, you get light headed from the chemical overload. The problem is, that only the brain shows response immediately. The blood is carried around your body to every single cell, if they all would start to complain, your whole body would have a sort of a headache. Ever had the chemical feeling in the mouth after smelling perfumes in the shop, trying to pick one to buy or when you're wearing heavy one? Now you know why you can even taste it sometimes...if every single cell in your body is exposed to this for hours and hours, days, weeks. You can imagine the consequences for yourself.

It's ok if you use it occasionally and give your body chance to recover, detox and replace the perfumed particles with plain, clean oxygen. Ever wondered why you feel so good when you go to nature for a couple of days? It's a factor of two things. Psychological and physiological. Firstly, the pressure of the people in your surrounding is gone, nobody expecting you to wear perfumes, makeups, nail polish etc, so you feel free, because nobody will judge you. Second, you are detoxing all your cells with plain oxygen. Now they're thriving, giving you feedback - that's the "feel good" sensation. Your body after deep inhalation naturally goes “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh…”. Why? Clean fresh air is ecstatic for your body. All cells are rejuvenated and thriving. Do you have the same reaction when smelling new perfume? I don't think so…Evette Rose has great punchline title on her book: “Your body is talking, are you listening?”

A recent study showed that the majority of the cancer patients are women. I wonder if this can be linked to their toiletries because what you see in the women's bathroom is heavy arsenal ready for proper chemical warfare with their own bodies. For example “makeup” - do you know what is it made from? No? So why do you put it on your face for 18hrs every day? Creams, gels, powders...did you know, that every single item in your bathroom had to be perfumed on top of its original chemical content, so you find it pleasant or associate the product with the term “clean”?

Why women have so many chemicals at home? We are brainwashed by-product advertisings and we start to believe that “there’s something wrong with us” if we don’t have this or that product. There’s nothing wrong with you! In essence, you are what you are and you cannot be anything else. No product will ever change it.

The problem with today's society is, that we want to be validated and we are looking for validation on the outside, whereas it can only be found on the inside. You think that you will stand out from the crowd by buying new perfume and people would validate you, but what you're not realizing is, that you actually lost your original identity. You replaced it with fake identity- new body smell. You now smell precisely the same as other 5 million people who bought the same brand. Not a bit different, but exactly the same. Why do you want to smell like some famous actress or model?

If you're unhappy about your original body state and you are ashamed of it, you carry on with your chemical warfare and conflicts with your subconscious mind. I am happy with one natural soap bar and complete acceptance of myself, ignoring judgments from others, because I see deeper then they do. That produces a truly happy mind. You are working hard to be validated on the outside, but does it work? If you go out, do you check every single person you meet, what hair Color they have, nail polish, perfume, etc.? Would you stop an unknown person to tell him/her that you love him/her because he/she has this and that brand? Of course not, you just pass by, feeling good about yourself. You don't care what others have, you think you have something better. Just waiting for someone to notice. But hey, do you see the conflict? They too, are thinking they have something better than you and don't care about you. What's the competition here then?

If you're waiting to be validated this way, this next extreme scenario proves that you can't find validation on the outside. If suddenly everyone would drop dead and you're the last person on Earth, who is going to validate you now? You’d lose your mind with the current concept. All the hard work put into being validated and there's no one to validate you. Even if you wouldn't be alone on this planet and would succeed in getting validation from every single person on the planet, you wouldn't be happy and keep seeking. Why? Because the only validation which wasn't met yet is your own.

If you validate and accept yourself on the inside, suddenly you notice, that you stop looking for validations on the outside, because ultimately, this was the only validation you were looking for. You live with yourself 24/7 and this validation never expires unless you do. Getting validation from other people is short-lived, bringing unhappiness. People coming and going, dying, changing'll never succeed there.

I do think that the smell of plain skin without any chemicals is the best smell ever and I see the majority of perfumed products as a marketing deception because they wouldn’t sell otherwise!

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