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How often do you go through your stuff, sort it and get rid of items you no longer need? What's the impulse for it? Why do you even have the need to do it?

Cleaning is essentially just an activity to keep an area of our existence organized, so we can recognize when something unusual appears in the system developed and understood by ourselves. It can be anything from physical objects, living organisms to people. Everybody has a different setup for this and different level of tolerance.

But what most of the people are not realizing is, that the same principle is applying to the mind. You have to see any thought produced as a form of energy because that's what it is. If you create a thought about yourself and desired future travel, for example, you can see how the energy form can vary by our mind influencing it. Try it and observe the process. For example, think about a place in the world you'd like to visit next year. What energy did you generate about that? Now take the same place of desire and think to visit it next week. There will be a lot of pressing thoughts coming, just observe them, don't give them any values, but notice the different energy of the thought about the same place of desire. The chaotic thoughts about next week departure are more pressing as there's a lot of things to reorganize in your life for such a short notice. We seem to be always focusing on the values of the thoughts, not on the energy itself. It's not about having positive or negative energy, it's about what you do with it. There's nothing wrong with generating negative energy about something. It's alerting us about the priority, possible danger, expressing our boundaries, etc. It's all about what you're gonna do with it.

Your mind is constantly active in waking life. How many energies (thoughts) do you create throughout the day? Don't think about the values now, just the energy type of the thoughts. It's a mess, isn't it? The important part is, that your mind keeps holding on to those energies unless you consciously dissipate the energies. Even your mind has a priority list for that. Notice when you're alone without any distractions (mobiles, tv, music, company...), pressing thoughts which need urgent dealing are surfacing first. Because the numbers of good & bad energies are increasing daily, you've probably lost the track of them already and that's the origin of the mess. Rather than dealing with those energies, it's just easier to get distracted and push the impulses right back, so we don't need to deal with the matter related to ourselves. The more you suppress, the more efficient you'll get at it and even develop coping mechanisms for it. Once the coping mechanism is in place, you no longer know, what the original value of the thought was, because the coping mechanism replaced it with the new value. But the energy is still the same. Our mind only replaces original value with new. Then, when you have the urge to use your coping mechanism (biting nails f.e.), you are not aware of what triggered it. You just feel like biting nails. The value of the thought was replaced by the coping mechanism and your mind reacts now to the energy by activating the coping mechanism. You taught your mind this approach. But don't worry, the value never disappeared. It is still with you in your subconscious mind. It's harder to find it and get it out, but not impossible. Meditation is a great tool or simply looking inwards rather than outwards.

The only problem with thought value being stored in the subconscious is, that if it's attached to the negative energy, you never dealt with this negative energy and so it's still with you. As every negative energy, it's negative for reason and can have or will have a negative impact. With years of keeping this energy within you, it will start to manifest in form of illnesses as it has no other choice how to bring itself to your attention so you can start dealing with it. Obviously, at this point, the original value of this energy is almost impossible to track down. It will require patience and a lot of inward looking. You can deal with your different energies with help of Ayahuasca, which will dramatically speed up the process of finding forgotten values and integrating the energies, but for people who are not aware of how energies in your body work, because they only focus on the label value of it created by the mind, it might be quite a harsh experience for them. Overwhelmed by energies.

Any coping mechanism can be removed with almost immediate effect if you deal with the underlying energy. We don't need to be afraid of energies coming up to the surface, it only wants to be integrated. Yes, sometimes they are not pleasant to deal with, but if you think of it, what is the worse what can happen if you let it surface? It will trigger a few emotions and once we understand the meaning of the energy by filtering it through the emotions, it will dissipate. You don't carry the negative energy anymore. Let your emotions transform and integrate the negative energy. Make yourself a solution, not a problem.

Back to our original point, we should be applying spring cleaning in our minds as well to reduce the overload of energies within our body. It doesn't necessarily have to be only energy related to trauma, it can simply be something related to your un-manifested desires. Because your mind is a mess you don't understand, you should start reducing the list of items which needs dealing and with what you're comfortable. This will free more computing power of your mind and bring inner peace.

Like a spring cleaning in your house, you can't get rid of all items at once, because the energies within you need time to convert, dissipate or just settle down. Once you start to practice of converting the negative energy to positive, you'll become very good at it and more efficient. Then you can start to deal with the heavier things and if you succeed, your life will transform rapidly.

Start with simple things like "now achievable" desires. Did you always want to write down your thoughts somewhere? This won't hurt, do it. Did you always wanted to visit place near you, you've never been to? Just do it, and observe the energy leaving your body. It's leaving the overload within you. One by one...joule by joule you're reducing the bucket list and becoming a more positive person with lesser things on the mind. You're also less likely to have long-term illnesses and you are succeeding in getting rid of your coping mechanisms even as heavy as smoking because you are managing the energies now, they're not managing you. It is essential to realize, that we need to make room for new energies to come because they inevitably will. Every day. If we never deal with them, we're overwhelmed, losing track of everything, feeling lost, insomnia, not willing to do anything except our coping mechanisms, which feels safe.

If you're ready to dig deeper into more heavy things in your life, it's always good knowing that the only way we will deal with any negative energy is to face it. You can't change the past, but you can change the way you understand it.

Want to quit smoking? Find the underlying value of the energy causing you to smoke, integrate this energy or transform it to a positive one and when the negative energy will leave your body or transform to positive, the coping mechanism isn't needed anymore. It will cease to exist. You might be shocked by how this works.

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