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It's the only substance on earth, which acts differently than the others. When you expose any material to cold temperatures, it will contract - water will expand.

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When you supply your body with any liquid which isn't H2O, your body has to work hard to filter the unwanted substances and to separate them from H2O. For example, if you drink a human-made soft drink, which contains on top of H2O other properties like sugar, stabilizers, coloring, flavor enhancers, sugars, etc., your body will separate it again to get plain H2O and work with it further. You lose valuable energy to break down the unwanted components, which the energy spent could have been available to you otherwise. Furthermore, if you think about it, the current researches and consequent regulations will determine the limits of added chemicals, which are “safe” to consume. These measures are reflected to be safe per liter of H2O. You don't need to be a scientist to guess what will happen if your body will separate it again and remove the H2O from the mixture. The concentration of the chemical will increase again and it becomes not so safe measure anymore. But that's only for synthetically designed compounds. For instance, the coloring agents from natural sources like chlorophyll and others are beneficial for your system.

You lose valuable energy to break down the unwanted components, which the energy spent could have been available to you otherwise.

Water and naturally occurring liquids in nature is the only thing your body needs. Anything more than that, the body will filter and you end up toxic up your system. We see people undergoing detox programs, but their health overall doesn't improve. The problem is in the saying “I am doing detox…” It's a statement, which allows you to go back to the old habit again. Psychologically it's temporary action for a certain period. It almost sounds like an excuse - “when I finish this painful exercise, I can go back to guilty drinks.” There's no room for progress because you already know, you'll be going back to your guilty pleasures.

A better way is instead of saying “I do detox”, to say “I am experimenting with…and I am open to any feedback” instead. I expect something to change. It has continuity because even if the chosen period is finished, I can still keep going if the results were satisfactory. This can be applied to anything in your life, not just detoxing or dieting. Experiment on yourself with an open mind and expect feedbacks from your body and be open to change your opinions, and understandings. The whole thing about detox is nonsense, because fundamentally we believe, that the substances we use to detox are doing the job of cleansing your system. The truth is, it's not the substances themselves, but it all happens in two high-tech factories in your body - liver, and kidney. These two organs are filtering, breaking down, flushing out foreign substances in your system, therefore detoxing your body 24/7 regardless your beliefs in commercial products. If you drink detoxing smoothies and juices or synthetic commercial products, you only take the pressure off the liver and kidneys, because it is easier to break down those components. You aren't detoxing.

You can either choose to ignore all natural sources of liquids and give a break to your hard-working organs or you can choose to indulge the human-made chemical products and then you need to “detox” to maintain your system.

Your commercial soft drink wasn't built to improve your well being, but to make profits. The brands don't care about your health, they're only here to exhaust resources for profits. No other intention. Because we get used to the flavor so much, we think that anything else is tasteless and that's why we keep coming back. What people are not realizing is, that once you train your taste buds for stronger profile than previous levels, next time you'll require stronger flavor to detect satisfying taste profile. And so on. If you'd drink just water for 3 - 4 weeks and when you start to enjoy the flavor of pure water, you will be able to detect different brands varying in different mineral content. Then, when you go back to taste your favorite commercial drink, you'll see how extremely sweet it is now. You couldn't detect it earlier, because your taste buds were out of calibration.

But that's the problem with us, we judge food and drinks predominantly by the taste. It would be all well if all the food/drink sources would be natural without any chemical interactions, but the majority of our products are made to last on the shelves and so they require the help of chemicals to last or retain colors, consistent flavors or smell. And because we're judging the taste, which lasts only a few seconds, we don't see the bigger picture of what it will deliver to our system in the long term. We are claiming we're smart and consciousness species, yet we prefer to eat something harmful to our system for the one second of taste pleasure, but we know it'll create long-term suffering afterward. We are conscious of it, but we still prefer the flavor profile.

It all comes to the point of lack of understanding and education how our system works, what it requires, how it reacts to foreign substances, etc. Our values aren't nurturing our bodies and well being, but listening to marketers, believing their stories about the products, even though we know they are only doing it for profits, not our well being.

Can you understand what your body needs to thrive, not what you understand what you enjoy that tastes good? Can you separate these two? It doesn't mean that if it tastes great it's the best for your system.

The trick is to take the items your body really thrives from and make them taste good so even your #consciousness can enjoy it. Be it water or food.

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